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Flourish with the Organizational Health Trifectca

Organizational Health
Organizational Health
Organizational Health
Organizational Health

Working Genius

Investing in knowing your team's strengths creates a more productive and fulfilling workplace. Working Genius offers a 10-minute assessment to identify individual "geniuses" showing 20% personality and 80% productivity - how you like to get work done. This dynamic tool includes a four-hour workshop to help you understand each team member's unique Divine design, allowing for a more cohesive and prosperous team.

Five Dysfunctions of a Team

No team is perfect. Whenever you have people involved it will take some work to thrive. The Table Group has identified five key areas that can keep a team from being their very best. When not healthy we call them dysfunctional. The five disfunctions are trust, conflict, commitment, accountability, and results.  When you are ready to stop settling with, "this must be how it is going to be" this workshop will set your team on a new trajectory of health and growth?

Ideal Team Player

Whether hiring or developing team members, essential qualities can be summarized in three words:

Humble: They emphasize team over self.

Hungry: Self-motivated, constantly considering the next opportunity for your organization

Smart: Interpersonally appropriate and aware. 


Working Genius Certification

Receive your Working Genius Certification. It is fun, and interactive and will equip you to be a Working Genius Champion, helping your organization thrive.

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